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Importing Image Data

BIMS can manage four different types of image data

  1. Sample: Images of a specific phenotypic sample (images that are associated with 'unique_id' or corresponding IDs in your program)
  2. Accession: Images of a specific accession
  3. Descripton: Images for a specific trait descriptor (images that describe the scale, color, phenotyping methods, etc)
  4. Marker: any images that are associated with specific molecular marker

Importing image data can be done in two steps in this order.

  1. Importing metadata
    1. Fill in the template (sample_image_bims, accession_image_bims, descriptor_image_bims, or marker_image_bims).
    2. Load the template in Data Import-Excel Data Templates-Upload data
  2. Importing zipped image files
    1. Zip the image file that are listed in the template above and load it in Data Import-Photo files-Upload photo files
    2. Please make sure the correct photo type in the drop down