Submitted by ltaein on Thu, 08/18/2022 - 14:38

Field Book Settings


(A) Base URL

You need to set "Base URL" to communicate between Field Book and BIMS.



(1) Type "Base URL"

Type the base URL.

(2) Save and authorize

When the base URL is filled inand "Save and Authorize" is clicked, you will be redircted to the BIMS site page and asked to login the site.

(3) Scan Barcode

You can find QR code and barcode of the base URL in BIMS. Please visit BIMS and find BrAPI instruction under "Field Book Management" section.

(4) Login the site

Type your username and password and hit "Log in" button.

(5) Authorize

When you login successfully, you'll be asked your authrization to communicate with Field Book.

(B) BrAPI version

Field Book supports BrAPI V1 and V2. Meanwhile, BIMS currently support BrAPI V1.



(1) BrAPI version

Please make sure "V1" is checked as BIMS does not support BrAPI V2 yet.

(C) BrAPI auth


Please make sure "Original Field Book Custom" is checked.