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Marker template

The marker_bims template is used to enter marker data. Data for markers of any type can be entered.

Below are descriptions for each of the columns in marker_bims. Columns with * are required.

  • dataset_name: name of the genotyping dataset. It should match a 'dataset_name' column entry in the dataset_bims template. This is used only when users need to keep the record of the dataset name for which a particular marker name was used.
  • * marker_name: name of the marker.
  • * marker_type: marker type such as SSR and SNP. 
  • * genus: The genus name of the organism from which the marker was developed.
  • * species: The species name of the organism from which the marker was developed. Enter 'sp.' to represent one unknown species, 'spp.' to represent multiple unknown species.
  • Alias: other names used for the marker. Multiple aliases, separated by a semicolon (;), can be added.
  • SS_ID: the submitted SNPs (SS) number given by NCBI.
  • RS_ID: the refSNP (RS) number given by NCBI.
  • comments: Any comments about the marker.
  • ##property_name: user specified custom columns that should have ## as a prefix. It should match an entry in propery_bims with the type specified as marker
  • ###property_name: custom properties that are associated with markers in the specific dataset can be entered by three pound signs (###)