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Dataset template

Users can define a dataset in any way they want to but dataset in breeding data typically refers to a trial. For phenotyping data, a set of data can belong to the same dataset as long as a unique ID in the phenotype templates gives a single phenotype value per descriptor. For users who use Field Book App for phenotype collection, a single input file for the app, with a unique ID in each row, typically corresponds to a single dataset. Since only one phenotypic value can be given to the same unique ID in the Field Book App input file, users can decide to make two different input files and save them as two different datasets to record phenotypic values collected by two different people. For genotyping data, a set of data can belong to the same dataset as long as an accession gives a single genotype per marker.

Below are descriptions for each of the columns in dataset_bims. Columns with * are required. Type and sub_type are validated columns.

  • *dataset_name: name of the dataset 
  • *type: type of the dataset. Valid data entries are phenotype and genotype.
  • sub_type: subtype of the dataset. Valid subtype of genotype dataset includes SSR, SNP and haplotype.
  • description: general description of the dataset
  • PI: main breeder of the program or principal Investigator of the dataset for collaborative projects. It should match an entry in the contact_name column of the contact_bims.
  • ##property_name: user specified custom columns that should have ## as a prefix. It should match an entry in propery_bims with the type specified as dataset.