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Package template

Package_bims is used to keep track of the number of seeds that are sown. Breeders can sow seeds from the same cross multiple times and this template can be used to record how many seeds have been sown at a particular date. Seeds from the same cross may be put into one or multiple seed packages.

Below are descriptions for each of the columns in sowing_bims. Columns with * are required.

  • *package_number: ID number or name of a seed package
  • cross_number: ID number or name of a cross where the seed came from. It should match an entry in the cross_number column of the cross_bims template.
  • cross_date: when the cross_number represents a parental set that have been done multiple times, a specific cross date for the package can be entered
  • * sow_date: The date of the sowing
  • num_seeds_sown: the number of the seeds sown
  • notes: Any notes on the sowing
  • ##property_name: user specified custom columns that should have ## as a prefix. It should match an entry in propery_bims with the type specified as sowing.