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Progeny template

Progeny_bims is used to enter accession data with cross information. The accession data that are entered in the progeny_bims do not need to be entered again in accession_bims, and the entry in progeny_name can be used in accession or rootstock columns in other templates.

Below are descriptions for each of the columns in progeny_bims. Columns with * are required.

  • * progeny_name: name of the progeny
  • alias: Multiple aliases of the progeny can be entered here. The format is 'alias type1:alias1; alias type2:alias2'. When there is no specific type for an alias, just write the aliases without the specific type.
  • * genus: genus of the progeny
  • * species: species name of the progeny. Enter ‘sp.’  when the actual species name cannot or need not be specified. Enter the plural form ‘spp.’ when referring to several species within the genus.
  • * cross_number: Specific ID of a cross that generated the progeny; Must also be found in the cross_bims template.
  • description: Any other descriptive data about the selection or seedling.
  • comments: Comments on the progeny.
  • advanced_to_2nd: Yes if it is advanced to 2nd phase, No otherwise. Leave it empty if the selection decision is yet to be made.
  • advanced_to_3rd: Yes if it is advanced to 3rd phase, No otherwise.
  • advanced_to_4th: Yes if it is advanced to 4th phase, No otherwise.
  • ##property_name: user specified custom columns that should have ## as a prefix. It should match an entry in propery_bims.