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Descriptor template

Descriptor_bims is used to enter trait descriptors used in phenotyping. To support the use of Field Book App, the format of the trait descriptors are validated to be the same as those in Field Book App.

Below are descriptions for each of the columns in descriptor_bims. Columns with * are required. Format is a validated column.

  • *descriptor_name: any trait descriptor that a breeder uses in their own program. These descriptors can be used as column heads in phenotype_bims, with a '#' prefix.
  • alias: alias of the descriptor.
  • *format: The format of the descriptor. Valid entries are audio, boolean, categorical, counter, date, disease_rating, location, multicat, numeric,  percent, photo, and text.
  • trait_name: Breeders normally leave this column empty. This is only to specify crop trait ontology terms for specific reasons.
  • categories: The values of the categorical descriptor separated by '/' (eg. red/white/pink). Only the categories described here can be entered into BIMS as valid values of categorical descriptors used in phenotype_bims and phenotype_long_form_bims.
  • data_unit: unit for the trait descriptor
  • minimum: the minimum value of the descriptor
  • maximum: the maximum value of the descriptor
  • defaultValue: the default value of the descriptor
  • definition: definition of the descriptor