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Import Trait

You can import traits to Filed Book via local storage, cloulds storage or BrAPI.

Import traits in BIMS


The traits in BIMS can be imported via BrAPI to Field Book. However, Field Book currently allows a user to import one group of traits

and does have an option to select such a group. You need to choose a group in BIMS.

(I) Choose a group in BIMS

In BIMS, the traits are grouped by program. So you need to choose a program to decide which traits to be imported to Field Book.

"Field Book Export Trait" page in BIMS


(II) Choose the traits within the chosen group

Once a program is chosen, all the traits of the chosen program will be exported. If you don't want to export all traits of the chosen program, you can filter out some traits.

"Export Trait" page in BIMS




(A) Import traits

(B) Import tratis via BrAPI


(C) Fix formats

The formats of some of the traits need to be fixed.